Parts Specialists Inc

Mission Statement

The customer is the foundation of our enterprise.

We commit to all our customers, that we will conduct ourselves with fairness, integrity, and respect for every individual.

We encourage innovation and creativity so as to serve every customer better than any competitor with products and services of superior value.

We will earn a fair profit which is the source of reward for our employees and our customers.

We recognize the need for continuous improvement in our daily endeavors “for what we accomplish today determines that strength and security of our company tomorrow”.

Pricing Information

For pricing information on any item or for items that do not appear in this catalog, please call us at 1-800-598-2444 or 708-371-2444. Price quotes are valid for 30 days. Occasionally we can only get a best estimate rather than a firm quote. This is particularly the case with parts that are not frequently used. In this case, we cannot hold the price firm until the part has been procured.

Return Policy

If for any reason you wish to return a product that you have ordered, please call us so we can give you a return goods authorization number. Please be sure to include your return authorization number with your returned merchandise. All custom orders are non-refundable. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Returns must be made within 45 days or receipt of material. Material is to be shipped prepaid via UPS or truck ground shipment to:

Parts Specialists, Inc.

14639 Short Street

Posen, IL 60469

All custom orders including printed circuit boards are non-refundable. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee and any cost incurred by Parts Specialists, Inc. for handling said returns.

Ordering Procedures

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Central Time). -To place an order via telephone please call:

1-800-598-2444 or 708-371-2444

To place an order via fax:


If you wish to mail in your purchase order, mail it to:

Parts Specialists, Inc.

14639 Short Street

Posen, IL 60469

If you send a confirming order, please make sure it is clearly marked to avoid duplicating your phone order. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD for payment. If you take advantage of these credit card services, a service charge of 8% (of total order) will be added to your invoice. This is a charge that the credit card companies add to use their services.

Parts Specialists, Inc. has a standard charge for wire transfers. We will add a 50 dollar charge to your invoice.


Parts Specialists, Inc. requires new customers to provide credit worthiness. First orders require advance payment, or will be shipped COD.


Our Shipping Department will ship your order by the most efficient method, based on your delivery requirements. Charges for freight, overnight delivery will be added to your invoice.

Shipping Codes

  • UPS, Next Day Air; Orders arrive next day.
  • UPS, Second Day Air; Orders arrive second day.
  • UPS, Three Day Select; Orders arrive third day.
  • UPS, Ground Trac; Freight orders under 70 lbs.
  • Common Carrier, Freight orders over 70 lbs.

Optional Freight Carriers Available:

Federal Express, Airborne Express and Burlington Air Freight.


Damage & Loss

Parts Specialists, Inc. warrants to customer at the time of delivery the goods will be free from defects in material and manufacture. All shipments should be inspected upon receipt at the destination for visible or concealed damage. Customers remedy under this warrantly are limited to the repair or replacement, at PSI’s election of Goods or parts thereof returned to PSI which are shown to PSI’s reasonable satisfaction to have been defective; provided that written notice of the defect shall have been given by Customer to PSI within forty-five (45) days after delivery of such goods to PSI and their reshipment to Customer and the risk of loss thereof will be borne by PSI only if returned in accordance with written shipping instruction from PSI.


Parts Specialist, Inc. warrants to Customer that it will convey good title to the goods sold hereunder. PSI’s liability and Customer’s remedy under this warranty are limited to the removal of any title defect or, at the election of PSI to the replacement of the goods or parts thereof which are defective in title; provided, however, that the rights and remedies of the parties with respect to patent infringement shall be limited to the provisions of the subparagraphs below.

Exclusive Warranties & Remedies

The foregoing warranties are exclusive and are given and accepted in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose: and any obligation, liability, right, claim or remedy in contract or tort, whether or not arising from negligence, actual or imputed.

The remedies of the customer shall be limited to those provided herein to the exclusion of any and all other remedies including without limitation, incidental or consequential damages. No agreement varying or extending the foregoing warranties, remedies, or this limitation will be binding upon PSI unless in writing, signed by a duly authorized officer of PSI.

Excusable Delays

Parts Specialists, Inc. shall not be charged with any liability for delay or non-delivery when due to delays of suppliers, acts of the public enemy, compliance in good faith with any applicable foreign or domestic governmental regulation or order whether or not it proves to be invalid, fires, riots, labor disputes, unusually severe weather, or any other cause beyond reasonable control of PSI. To the part of PSI, the time for the performance shall be extended for as many days beyond the date thereof as is required to obtain removal of such causes. This provision shall not, however, relieve PSI from using its best efforts to avoid or remove such causes and continue performance with a reasonable dispatch whenever such causes are removed.

Liability Limitation

The price allocable in this order to any product or service alleged to be the cause of any loss or damage to the Customer shall be the ceiling limit on PSI’s liability, whether founded in contract or tort (including negligence), arising out of, or resulting from, this order or the performance or breach thereof the design, manufacture, delivery, sale, repair, replacement, or the use of any such service. In no event shall PSI have any liability for any incidental or consequential damages.